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A North Bay Power and Sail Squadron Publication

Welcome to Navigating using RADAR ©

This is a free course being offered to the boating public, courtesy of the North Bay Power and Sail Squadron. How this course came to be is a bit of a long story. We didn't want to see all the hard work put into it not used where the course was going to sit on a shelf somewhere, so we decided to offer it to you for free. You can download each section individually, or at the bottom, there are options to download the entire co ruse at once and view it at your leisure. There is no exam, no mark, no study guide, and no instruction. This is simply to increase your self knowledge and hopefully make our waterways just that much safer. A very special Thank You to Don Whyte for developing this material and making it available for free.

Individual PDF's

Cover Page (631KB)
Background (148KB)
Foreword/ Prior Knowledge Requirements (149KB)
Learning Objectives (107KB)
Introduction (100KB)
Table of Contents (110KB)
RAdio Detection And Ranging… RADAR (755KB)
The “shout” (364KB)
The Radar antenna (2.74MB)
Target discrimination (994KB)
Operating the Radar (1.67MB)
The Radar display (2.44MB)
Atmospheric and weather effects (270KB)
Navigating with Radar - Part One (2.14MB)
Navigating with Radar - Part Two (1.55MB)
Some final considerations (563kb)
COLREGS Attachment (249kb)
Index (116kb)


Entire Course (all PDF's) in self extracting .EXE file (13.5MB)

Entire Course (all PDF's) in a .ZIP file (13.4MB)

This course is free to use for PERSONAL use. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means – electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise – without the express written permission of North Bay Power and Sail Squadron.

 © copyright North Bay Power and Sail Squadron 2017